A New York City based independent production company founded by writer/director Philippe Grenade XIV & producer/cinematographer Jarret C. Egan. We specialize in music videos, promotional documentaries, and branded content. We approach each project with an open-mind, developing a visual style and narrative that both fits and enhances the client's aesthetic. Our work has been filmed on various formats ranging from the state-of-the-art Arri and RED digital cinema cameras to wind-up vintage Bolexs loaded with grainy, black-&-white 16mm film. Many of our videos have been fortunate enough to appear on the likes of Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Stereogum, MTV, VEVO, CMT, Yahoo! Music, and VICE's Noisey. On a larger scale, we are in the early pre-production stages of our feature length films.

Between projects, Grenade XIV spends his time working on his art when he has a moment free from musing about the creation of the cosmos and/or watching ants devour dead wasps; while Egan blows the equivalent of a month's-rent for a SoHo loft on bon vivant, elitist ingredients to stimulate his engrossing hobby as a self-proclaimed Iron Chef. 

 Writer/Director Philippe Grenade XIV

Writer/Director Philippe Grenade XIV

  Producer/Cinematographer Jarret C. Egan

Producer/Cinematographer Jarret C. Egan

  • Creative Development & Storyboarding 

  • Digital Video Production 

  • Project Management & Logistics  

  • In-House Editorial & Color Grading 

  • Branded Social Media Content


"The only thing that matters is when the lights go down."

At Fortune Films we have tailored our business model to create a low overhead environment that focuses our clients' dollars on the screen. By keeping several elements of the filmmaking process in-house we are able to build enormous production value and maintain superior quality control.