Philippe de Grenade has written three feature-length screenplays based on his life experiences, western expansion, Jungian psychology, dreams, mythology, melancholy, and symbols. Through the cinematic experience we greatly anticipate sharing our haunting and mythological tales with the world.


CÉCILE - Feature Film (In Development)

Cécile is a dark, dream-like femme fatale fable.

Synopsis: On a fated errand to a quaint river town, an antiquarian’s apprentice crosses paths with the mysterious opera singer who haunts the local inn and theater. Weaving the young man into her oneiric world, she convinces him to join a sailing excursion which ultimately traps him in her lustful, malevolent fantasy.


CÉCILE - Style Film

Below is a style film that was produced to accompany the financing package for Cécile. It was fortunte enough to screen at two film festivals in 2016.

Synoposis: A young man on a missed errand finds himself at an ominous inn where he meets an old crone. Upon entering his room, reality quickly drifts into the world of dreams where he is confronted by an archetypal force of the unconcious.

Feature 3

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